10 ways to reduce company expenses

Company expenses are an issue each time you have to go through your annual budget, and cutting expenses is something even large companies do, because no one wants to lose money on useless things or for unprofitable projects. Some of the things on this list might seem too far stretched, but when it comes down to gain and loss, there is no small or large business, just companies that want to be as productive as possible. Therefore, here are some things you could do to cut your company expenses:

  1. Reduce telephone expenses. Communication is not a problem anymore now a days, and you have plenty of options available. Especially when dealing with partners from other countries, why not use VoIP services? Videoconferences are much more effective than phone calls and you have many service providers at a low price to choose from.
  2. If you haven’t already, ditch your fax machine. Start using digital signatures for your documents and send them via e-mail whenever this is possible. Electronic documents are much easier to store and organize and you don’t spend money on paper and printer ink.
  3. Invest in a reliable document management system and turn your office into a paperless one. In time, all the founds saved from paper and ink cartridges will substantially increase.
  4. Don’t throw away your old electronics if they are still working fine, rather try selling them and make a small profit.
  5. Avoid unnecessary business trips. If a meeting in person is not an absolute must, videoconferences and documents exchange via e-mail is quite enough to start a partnership.
  6. Buy all office supplies or what else you might need for your company or employees in bulk. You can find plenty offers of bulk deals with a little bit of Internet research or even by paying attention to the promotional e-mails you receive in your inbox.
  7. Use green technology. Energy-efficient technology for computers, phones or other technical tools saves you a lot of money and you get to do something good for the environment too.
  8. Keep track of the time your employees spend on a project and hire additional staff when needed or re-think the company organization if there isn’t enough work to do for the people you have. A human resource planning software comes in very handy in a situation like this.
  9. Save money in your marketing department by using affordable online marketing options that are also very effective without spending too much.
  10. Invest in new equipment, such as computers, it this is the case. New computers and most devices have power management characteristics.

Bonus tip: A software designed to keep track of all your company’s expenses is quite helpful when you want to know exactly where you should stop spending money on.

Do you have any great tips to reduce your company expenses?

Photo source: shutterstock.com