Monthly archives: March, 2014

Why engineering companies need to use a Document Management System

For most engineering companies, a Document Management System still seems like a waste of money and time it take to implement it. The managers are mostly interested in the project development and the specific technical aspects of each project than in organizing documents. But there are some “rebels” among them who did implement a proper

Things your manager shouldn’t tell you

Although there are plenty of books on the market about business relationships, work etiquette and qualities leaders should have, the reality is quite different. Even the worst manager is a source from whom you can learn, if you decide not to make the same mistakes once you end up in their position. Nevertheless, there are

How to boost your company’s productivity with the help of ExTreM Time Sheet

One of the most used sayings in business, and not only, is “time is money”. That might be true, but in order to organize time wisely, you have to know exactly how you spend it and for which aspects you need to allocate more or less time. The larger a company or a corporation is,

The top 5 qualities of women who have leadership roles in business

This Saturday, we’re celebrating the women in our life on International Women’s Day and therefore, we want to acknowledge women’s achievements in the tough business world. Even after all these decades of women involved in business, it is still an area where they have to constantly work hard and prove themselves among strong male leaders.