Monthly archives: May, 2014

How much should you pay for software?

When it comes to the size of a company, software plays an important part. Smaller companies and start-ups don’t need very complex software and can rely mainly on free or very affordable programs or online sources, but with larger companies and corporations, it’s a whole new game. Hundreds or thousands of employees are bringing along

The best features of a Document Control System

For many of us, document management is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Everything is marked as important, there are deadlines to meet, tasks to complete and projects to update, so it’s no wonder one can become easily overwhelmed by the multitude of papers. Years ago, companies had to deal only with paper

10 ways to reduce company expenses

Company expenses are an issue each time you have to go through your annual budget, and cutting expenses is something even large companies do, because no one wants to lose money on useless things or for unprofitable projects. Some of the things on this list might seem too far stretched, but when it comes down

Efficient communication is the key to any business

Effective communication is what helps everyone understand better a situation, build connections, resolve differences and build trust within a company or with other business partners. That is why communication is a basic element for any business or company. The most important communication skills one should have in order to have a successful company are the