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From print to digital – document management for engineering companies

Document management is not only the latest “trend” for larger companies, but also small businesses are implementing different solutions, having the advantage to start from scratch and developing their software options as their company is growing. For companies who are just now deciding to go paperless, the transitioning process is not an easy one, but

Differences between Document Management and Document Control

Having so many software solutions available on the market makes people see document management as an overall process for an efficient document organization and archiving. Nevertheless, document control and document management are two different processes and it’s vital for each company which decides to implement such a system to be aware of the difference when

VENDOM – the best document management software for engineering companies

In today’s business world, it’s important to keep up with technological innovation that help you improve productivity and make the best cost/results ratio in terms of human and financial resources. Therefore, document management plays one of the most important parts in the development of any company, no matter how small or large. Electronic documents are

Human Resources “dirty secrets” you don’t know of

Human Resources is the most controversial department in any company. Although it’s the “ground  0” of any good employee structure, Human Resources is a major source of conflicts, because any issues regarding productivity, project development and so on, all go back to Human Resources. Well, even in this field, there are some well-kept secrets that