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Eliminate these 4 issues with the help of Document Management

When papers are pilling up on each desk in your company, this becomes quickly a liability. You waste hours and hours trying to keep track on the work that’s already been done on a project, you can’t find important documents you need, you miss deadlines and sometimes this can lead even to legal issues. Luckily,

5 company expenses you should stop paying for

Managing larger or smaller budgets is not only a demanding task, but also one that involves a lot of responsability. The way you manage your incomes and expenses could turn your business into a successful one, or into a failure, depending on your results. Therefore, when planning your budget, you should pay attention to all

Improving Human Resource planning through software

The Human Resource market is continuing to bloom over the last years, as so many companies are willing to make a change in this department. As a matter of fact, recent studies show that over half of the major companies are planning to make a new HR software purchase over the next year. This means

How to elaborate the perfect document management strategy for your business

The role of documents within an organization is continuously evolving and the management technology can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention the different politics of corporate culture involved in the process of document management. Therefore, establishing a document management strategy is both difficult and necessary at the same time. Before creating a document management strategy