Monthly archives: May, 2015

Speaking tips that will make you become more persuasive in meetings

Aiming to look smart in meetings is very common among professionals, even if they would never admit it. Acting like someone who can easily create human connection (even you are not) with the participants at the meeting is crucial because it defines a person who is able to break the invisible wall. From this point,

Management tips to avoid a fear-based workplace

In spite of all management strategies that tempt to foster communication, transparency and a collaborative atmosphere at work, the truth is that there are a lot of workplaces where fear seems to run the company. Once the crisis landed, the fear-based companies released fear in small doses and that unease trickles down to every worker. Combine

Tips to make the most of your talent at job

Worried about wasting your talent in the wrong company? The good news is that you are not the only one to face this situation. But this is not even a good news. The other news is that you can always find a better workplace. With so many jobs that could make the most of your

How to survive a job loss. Tips to relaunch your career

One of the worse case scenarios of most people is losing their jobs.  No matter if it is their fault or not, dealing with a job loss or career setback is more about the emotional, social and financial stress that comes after. Let’s suppose the employment period is terminated and the whole myriad of emotions