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Leadership dilemma: acting like a boss or being a human leader?

Aiming to shift workplace culture defines a genuine leader, while acting like a boss is not necessarily a good strategy when it comes to earning people’s respect. Many leaders tend to change their attitude and to become more bossy instead of trying to earn people’s respect by being a true inspiration for them. A powerful

How to become more likable at work

Not sure about the importance of being likable at work? Well, statistics show that likable people tend to receive more attention and more credibility in all fields, including at work. A likable person is more likely to be forgiven when making mistakes, but also to be more credible and to get more job offers than

Lantech-Soft. Find better solutions for your business

The Context. The 21st century seems to be reigned by time fleeting, since more and more employees and managers confront overwhelming demands on their time. Still, there are only a few companies that are willing to invest in such an asset, as they prefer to invest their money in more traditional assets. Making the most

How can a project management software such as Lantech-Soft add value to your business

Choosing one of the best project management software is the premise for improving visibility and control over your projects and resources. Lantech-Soft is one of these powerful software companies that can increase business efficiency and effectiveness. Being specialized in project management software development, the company has more than 20 years of experience in this field. Unlike