Monthly archives: July, 2015

How perfectionism can hold you back in your career

They say it is a good strategy to answer “I’m a perfectionist”, whenever a job interviewer asks what is your personality defect. Although perfectionism may seem as one of the most desirable features of an employee, it may soon turn into a nightmare for the person who continuously sets high standards for his professional life.

The to-do list, a boost of productivity, or a contemporary form of torture?

Worried about not accomplishing all the tasks you’ve planned to do on an average workday? Most of the professionals are confronted with this problem. According to a Linkedln survey, 89% of people admit that they don’t succeed to accomplish their daily tasks. Once your daily goals are written down may not actually be a good

Learning to love our everyday jobs

Loving our job can bring a large amount of positive energy and improve our life in a meaningful way. But, according to statistics, less than 30% of employees really love their jobs. Working in a corporation can easily become a routine that turns into a state of apathy, a kind of zombie-like state of on-the-job