4 smart Project Management Tips

Project Management as a business field is nothing new at all,  so even in this profession, there are trends following demands and necessities which have to be covered one way or another. It’s common knowledge that every little things is constantly changing and evolving. That’s the case for Project Management, too, and a few changes made over the last years are increasingly shaping the near future of Project Management.

  1. Collaborative work. Far gone are the days of sending back and forth documents for verification or approval. Now, it’s easy to integrate a DMS able to provide the necessary support for collaborative work. All employees are able to work on a document at the same time, being warned if the version is opened by other users and they can easily see what modifications were made, when and by who. So, if you haven’t switched to a complex DMS, like VENDOM yet, it’s high time you do it, because it saves a lot of time, it improves the work quality and employees feel less frustrated if they don’t have to deal with different versions of the same document, spending time to track down the right one.
  2. Remote employees. Speaking of collaborative work, because of outsourcing or in order to reduce costs with relocating, more and more companies have remote employees. A proper and reliable DMS, which can be accessed from any location is yet again put to good use. It’s no wonder, that many companies rarely hold meetings, because they are simply not necessary anymore. Using a basic chat program like Skype, for example, makes it easy to communicate by message, have voice and video calls and send files.
  3. Learning. Training employees was never so easy, through podcasts, webinars, white papers and all kinds of other digital resources. It’s not necessary to organize complex training programs, because learning can be done now anywhere, with the employee choosing what and when to learn.
  4. Balanced workforce experince. Companies have learned that it’s best to have a mix of employees, made from entry level employees and experineced ones. Until now, there was the paradox of needing qualified and experienced employees, but those were beginners in the field, couldn’t gain experience because they were not given a chance. The best way to handle this situation is to have unexperinced employees trained by those who have more experience, because whenever a job opening is available at a senior level, you’ll already have someone from the inside to fill that position.

Modern Project Management tools are a mix of Human Resource planning, flexible hours and collaborative workflow. If you know how to integrate these principle into your company’s organization you’ll definitely have a great competitive advantage in your industry.

Photo: Pixabay.com, user: geralt