5 myths about the paperless office

Let’s review 5 common myths about the paperless office, mainly things considered to prevent the implementation of a Document Management System.

Myth number one: dedicated IT staff is necessary to maintain a Document Management System

The reality: This is actually a misconception that belongs in the past. Modern Document Management Systems are easy to install and easy to maintain. Nowadays, a Document Management System is created based on task-operated pattern. This means that software developers know how to create systems that are user-friendly and learned what organizations want from this type of software solutions. The outcome is a Document Management software that is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to manage.

Myth number two: Employees will not handle the migration to electronic documents

The reality: Employees will certainly be cautious at first. Some of them have worked only with paper documents for years and they’re quite comfortable using that type of system. But, the first time they will find a document in just a couple of seconds, they will start to appreciate the new system. Plus, electronic Document Management Systems make business processes become more structured. This means the staff will become more efficient then before. Processes involving document management using paper documents tend to take the focus off the final goal and concentrate on processing papers. If there is one thing that a Document Management System does, is to put the focus back where it belongs – on the final goal.

Myth number three: A Document Management System is less secure than paper documents

The reality: The control of access to paper documents is possible only by blocking cabinets and limiting the access to archives. Do you imagine how many cabinets you need to unlock each day if you need to access 15 different documents? Moreover, almost each time you grabbed a document, you’ll have to re – archive it and lock the cabinet. As long as a file cabinet is unlocked or left open, all the files and folders are accessible to everyone around them. A Document Management System replaces this bothersome and unsecure process, using access rights for documents, passwords, file encryption, established levels of users etc. This is the guarantee for the fact that documents, folders and the entire Document Management System is secure against unauthorized access and use of documents.

Myth number four: ROI is a long-term process

The reality: As a company or organization makes the transition from paper documents to electronic files, the profits that come from saving time and increasing efficiency are quantified almost immediately. This will lead to important savings. Although implementing a Document Management System involves investments in document scanning and a Document Management software, the original investment is recovered in a couple of months.

Myth number five: The use of paper must be completely eliminated to achieve a paperless office

The reality: Making the transition to a paperless office is always a gradual process. Without a doubt, reducing the paper consumption is one of the steps to achieve a paperless office, but the best advantages are achieved with the help of a Document Management System and the automation of processes. They’re always going to be certain documents required on paper for legal documents. A Document Management System helps you reduce paper consumption significantly, so that the management of the remaining paper documents is an easy and effortless process.

Now that we put to rest these myths, here are 5 steps to achieve the paperless office:

  1. Assess the number of paper documents in your archive.
  2. Study the workflow in your company.
  3. Invest into a Document Management System that’s suitable for your needs and implement it.
  4. Create an electronic archive by scanning paper documents.
  5. Organize the documents to make them easier to access and develop workflows to accelerate business processes.

Using these five steps, along with the best Document Management software will help your company or organization benefit from the latest progresses in technology.