7 reasons why human resource software is the latest business trend

The latest trends in HR software are showing a constant increasing demand from companies who start with just a small number of employees, up to enterprises, large companies and organizations. As a matter of fact, more than half of the companies are panning to upgrade or to implement their current human resource planning software. Talents are much needed, but it’s also important to maintain a dynamic pace, making the best use out of the human resource available, while training new staff to replace those who are planning to retire from the industry. Analyzing all these aspects, when it comes to human resource planning software, 7 major trends are obviously dominating the growth of the industry:

1.  Most HR systems are updated

A large number of HR systems are older than 5 or even 7 years, which makes them practically unnecessary, considering constant business changes, company policies, rules and regulations. This is the first reason why a large number of companies is starting to “shop around” to find new software, capable of keeping up with new technology upgrades.

2. Remote employees and collaborative work is a must

Those days when each employee would come to work and spend their days in a cubicle are long gone. Now, most companies work with consultant, temporary staff and specialists from different parts of the world. Reliable and easy to use software systems are necessary to keep track of remote staff; their time spent on a project, billed hours and so on. Mobility was never as important as it is now, and this is a trend that will never change.

3. Usability is a priority

The biggest challenge companies have to deal with is that some old systems are rather difficult to use by most employees. They require special training and don’t offer the possibility to manage vacation, time sheets and employee directories while on the road. Modern HR systems should allow employees to manage these records even if they’re not at the office.

4. HR software should compile multiple processes

Currently, most companies work with 3-4 different HR programs, which makes it difficult to have all information stored in one place. Most companies are willing to work with a single software that has multiple features, suitable to their needs, than having to work with record from different programs.

5. Reports are necessary to make proper analysis

Companies need to know exactly hoe their employees are performing, in order to make the necessary changes. Accurate and detailed reports are a big help in the decision making process, because it offers the possibility to identity and fill gaps in a company’s workflow.

6. Reduced costs are still important

Although the economical situation has improved, companies still want to find the best and cost effective software solutions. Therefore, they rather tend to invest in a secure and reliable system, than spending money on software programs that need constant updates, or to work with multiple programs to get the job done.

7. Companies are struggling with a lack of talents

Strategic recruiting and internal employee communication are part of current company strategies, in order to find and keep talents within a company. HR software is no longer used just to increase efficiency, but also to improve employee engagement and the ability to hire new talents.

HR software offers today lots of options, but it’s important to choose the right software for you. Lantech-Soft provides top human resource planning software for companies and organizations, using latest technologies and features that help upgrade and improve human resource processes. Contact us to request your personalized offer today!