A useful guide to finding a long distance job

The city you live in is just a pale version of the city of your dreams? Or maybe you just found the dream job which happens to be a long distance job. If you are willing to relocate, there are a few tips to help you increase your chances of finding a job. You should take into consideration that it can take months or even years to find a job in the proximity, while finding a long distance job will seriously expand your horizons and bring new opportunities. Being at miles away from your potential dream job may be a challenge, as your potential employer may have a number of concerns regarding relocation costs, the difficulty to schedule an in-person interview, plus it is always easier to hire locally. Eliminating your employer’s concerns begins with open communication, transparency about your expectations and your qualification.

Here are 5 powerful strategies to get a long distance job:

1. Make your intentions as clear as possible and set a timeline from the very beginning.

Anticipate your employer’s concerns regarding your current location and don’t forget to mention that you are aware that the job is outside your local area and that you intend to relocate. Moreover, it is highly recommended to inform your potential employer when you will be available for work.

2. Demonstrate your knowledge about the new location.

Convincing your employer that you are really interested in the new location is vital for eliminating his concerns. Use the information you found about the city and communicate your enthusiasm and your knowledge about the new location

3. Consider volunteering to participate in a phone or video interview initially. Thus, the potential employer can figure out if you are a serious job candidate. If your skills and qualification fit to their needs, express your availability to travel for an in-person interview.

4. Prepare yourself for a (long) series of testing, hiring processes and, of course, for an in-person interview.

Employers want to see you face to face before making the final decision. Even if the hiring processes make take some time, if your motivation to get the job is strong enough, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

5. Take into consideration the money you have to spend for related job search travel and upcoming move.

Not all the employers are willing to fund long distance job candidates relocation. Having your own relocation budget will not only demonstrate your motivation to get the job, but it will also set the employer’s mind at ease. Visiting the new location before getting the job is a good idea, as you can figure out if it is fit for you and for your family.

A change of roles can help you get a long distance job. All you have to do in order to be a successful job candidate is to learn to think like a hiring manager. Thus, all the possible concerns regarding a long distance job candidate will be clear for you and you will be able to eliminate them, one by one.