Become a better project manager using a smart strategy and the right tools

More than latest technologies and methodologies, project management is an industry that relies mostly on several factors, including the abilities and talents of each project manager. Therefore, whenever you want to rethink your project management strategy, consider first the things you need to change or eliminate from you own approach, before you starting making change in an entire department or even an entire company.

It is a well-known fact that the best way to reach to a conclusion is to ask the right questions first. Just like a reporter doing their job, managers should ask themselves what doesn’t ago according to plan even before referring to the staff. Truth is, although they have so many helpful tools at hand, like various project management software, managers usually have difficulties in indentifying a problem correctly and finding the right solution.

Step by step approach

Firstly, don’t get overwhelmed by various issues you need to deal with and take it one step at a time. You can’t fix everything at once, you first need to find the right chain of actions that will lead to the perfect project management strategy. Revise all the information and the reports that you have available, in order to find the issues that need your attention, or that you already know are troublesome and find the elements that are missing.

Is your company dealing with a large number of electronic files? Make sure you have reliable Document Management software to help you keep things organized, easy to access and easy to use. Track down the time spent on each employee on a task or a project, using Time Management software and make adjustment wherever you see it’s necessary. Assign projects and tasks to the most capable people using Human Resource planning software. Work with external consultants or contractors if necessary and make sure your company is not overstaffed or understaffed, because in both situations it’s unproductive and it’s just a waste of resources.

Remain optimistic

No matter how difficult it seems to find the right project management strategy for your business, keep a positive attitude and remember that all it takes is just a little adjustment until you find the system that best works for you. Don’t be afraid of errors, because it’s only natural to go through a complex process of approaching and applying different strategies until you find the right one. Business is always changing and evolving, therefore you can’t get stuck in the same project management strategy and you have to become more flexible and willing to make changes whenever necessary.

Be realistic

Being optimistic doesn’t mean you should lose your ability to recognize an issue when you see it, or to hope that it will just solve itself. Make the best use of reports, make sure you have detailed and accurate information (another reason to relay on project management software to enable you access to complete information) and eliminate de factors that are delaying your projects’ progress or that are making the entire process more difficult than it should. This mean you have to be willing to make tough decisions sometimes, but in project management, it comes with the territory.

Keep it clear and simple

Simplicity is sometimes hard to achieve, because you have to eliminate all processes and elements that make your workflow more difficult. Once you’re able to stop wasting time with little things or with tasks of lesser importance and focus on priorities, you will be able to become a problem solver and a project manager who’s able to streamline processes in a truly efficient manner.

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