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Project Management Software

Project Management software decreases our work stack as well as enhance the Collaboration and Time Tracking among the group and customers. It makes your work, strain free and smooth. We need such a kind of online task administration, programming which disposes of our conditions upon other programming or apparatuses. For instance, to send record, we

How technology influences your business

It is a well-known fact that the main characteristic of 21th centrury is SPEED. People are interested in how to get the information faster. Technology has experienced an exponantial development and because of this the whole society is continuously progresing. But how technology era affects your bussines? What impact does it have on your company?

How to prevent project failure by using project management software

All the activities in an organization are carried out in general on operations and projects. Operations and projects have in common the fact that they are planned, executed, controlled and run by people, and they also support resource constraints. Operations are ongoing activities, carried repetitively. The difference they bring asides from projects is the kind

Effective business reporting processes using document management software

Internal and external reporting of quality is essential for all organizations. High quality reports promote a better internal decision-making process, and high-quality information are also an integral part in the success of any organization management. It is therefore clearly in the interest of any stakeholder organizations to provide high-quality business reports, both for internal decisions

Prestigious companies that use Lantech – Soft’s software products

Over the years, the software products developed by Lantech – Soft have proved their efficiency and reliability being used by prestigious companies operating in different fields of the industry. Therefore, we would like to explain how some of our clients have used our software products and how their business processes were improved. VENDOM document management

The benefits of using VENDOM for engineering companies in the oil & gas industry

Most engineering company have started to use a proper document management system only in the last couple of years, although the benefits of using such a software are more than enough to consider investing in dedicated software for document management. Especially when it comes to engineering companies operating in the oil and gas industry, it’s

3 tips on how to get organized before the holiday season

Another year is passing by fast, which means we’re all preparing for what 2016 has to offer. With the holiday season, comes the need to re-evaluate the good and the bad in every aspect of our lives. When it comes to our professional life, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to be

The most important advantages of ExTreM cost control and time sheet software

   In any company or business, regardless how small or large, there comes a time when investments in advanced software must be on the list of priorities. In addition to human resources, that undeniably has a great importance, everything from logistics and organizational issues can be coordinated through software that meets the requirements of each

Why should you choose VENDOM document management system over anything else?

Over the last decades, document management systems have become an important part in any company or business, because they help business processes run smoothly by storing and indexing all the important documents used within an organization. From online document management solutions, to programs and custom software, this technology is here to stay and it will

The beginner’s guide to business software

Many people who hear about the term “business software” don’t realize that there is a big difference between software created for the typical user and software especially created for business purposes, such as software for companies, organizations or large corporations. Business software handles a larger data volume and it usually has higher security levels among