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Smarter in meetings – tips to get the attitude

Meetings are great opportunities for professionals to collaborate effectively on  a daily basis, in order to find good systems for avoiding dropping balls during juggling. During a meeting, the people involved intuitively tend to think like project managers. For example, they try to figure out the estimated duration of a task, the steps involved, the

15 Document Management facts everyone should know

Document Management is an ever-changing industry, bust it’s also constantly growing at the same time. It’s no surprise Document Management has quite some history behind, given the fact that the first systems were developed in the early 1980s. Since then, document Management has come a long way. That’s why, many “newbies”, who are already accustomed

Quick Time Management Tips for Busy Schedules

Every one of us is having the same number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day to balance work duties, hobbies and personal life. Somehow, even the busiest people in the world seem to have found the best formula to manage time efficiently, while others still struggle to keep up with the schedule. If

4 smart Project Management Tips

Project Management as a business field is nothing new at all,  so even in this profession, there are trends following demands and necessities which have to be covered one way or another. It’s common knowledge that every little things is constantly changing and evolving. That’s the case for Project Management, too, and a few changes

10 ways to reduce company expenses

Company expenses are an issue each time you have to go through your annual budget, and cutting expenses is something even large companies do, because no one wants to lose money on useless things or for unprofitable projects. Some of the things on this list might seem too far stretched, but when it comes down

Efficient communication is the key to any business

Effective communication is what helps everyone understand better a situation, build connections, resolve differences and build trust within a company or with other business partners. That is why communication is a basic element for any business or company. The most important communication skills one should have in order to have a successful company are the

How to find and keep the best talents in your company

Having the best talent in a company or corporation is what makes you stand out from the crowd, offering the best possible services or products. Many companies struggle with finding really talented people, mainly because those individuals are hunted for and have the possibility to choose where they want to work. Therefore, aside from the

8 types of employees and what you can learn from them

Working with a lot of people inside a company or a large corporation has its advantages and disadvantages, but one of the best things is that you get to work with different types of personalities, learning from one another, exchanging opinions and thoughts and communicating. You have the chance to grow as a person by

Things your manager shouldn’t tell you

Although there are plenty of books on the market about business relationships, work etiquette and qualities leaders should have, the reality is quite different. Even the worst manager is a source from whom you can learn, if you decide not to make the same mistakes once you end up in their position. Nevertheless, there are

The top 5 qualities of women who have leadership roles in business

This Saturday, we’re celebrating the women in our life on International Women’s Day and therefore, we want to acknowledge women’s achievements in the tough business world. Even after all these decades of women involved in business, it is still an area where they have to constantly work hard and prove themselves among strong male leaders.