Collaborative work and efficient work flow with VENDOM Document Management System

In the times we live, reducing costs and efficiency are goals pursued by any person involved in the business environment. A document management system can provide a great and efficient use of financial resources, time and space, but also an increase of customer care service. With justified costs and without too much training needed, a comprehensive solution for electronic document management can provide impressive returns of investment, allowing users to focus on what is really important.

Document management is a system that allows circulation (for information, approvals or modifications), storage and retrieving of documents in any electronic format, it enables connections with other systems or devices (for example, by connecting the scanning devices to integrate automatically paper documents within the system). Statistics show that for a simple conclusion of a transaction, there are currently twice more documents necessary than it was five years ago. Introducing a quality assurance system (prerequisite for companies who want to fit European standards) comes with an impressive volume of documents that must travel throughout the company or they’re exchanged during relationships with business partners.

The basic functions of document management software

Document management software provides:

• Assigning a unique registration number to each document

• Deciding where each document is active

• Following the life cycle of a document

• Reception of the document by employees

• The time the document was received

• The person responsible for the notification / reply

• The date when the modification or answer was finalized.

Types of applications of a document management system

Document Library

The centerpiece of a document management system, document libraries contain:

• Documents related to projects

• Procedures for the quality system, quality manual

• Rules, procedures, regulations that must be consulted by the staff

• Internal documents etc.

Jinx Applications (workflow)

Documents in an organization are not static. They are created, modified, distributed on clearly defined routes. Therefore, document management software contains applications that precisely determine where to send a document, if it reached its destination, and what its status is at a certain moment.

Some of the workflow applications are the following:

• Information sent from / towards the internal system for information / approval

• Plans and activity reports

• Reports, notes, requests, leave requests, transport requests, acquisitions

• Generating and publishing quality assurance policies, human resources policies

• Submission for approval of documents required by the quality systems, multiple approvals

• Procedures for nonconformities

A document management system contains applications that are easy to use, very intuitive and well organized, it has an integrated electronic communication system that is fast and secure, for the staff, as well as with other organizations or businesses connected to the Internet.

VENDOM Document Management System is complex software, best suitable for large companies and corporations that have to deal with a large amount of documents. VENDOM is easy to use, it requires minimal training, but it offers high security levels to protect the confidentiality of your projects. It supports a large variety of file formats and it enables sending and receiving files through email, thus making it the perfect software for collaborative work.