Efficient Document Management with VENDOM

Have you ever wasted precious time searching for important documents through countless folders? Or did an important client request some documentation as soon as possible and you had to keep him waiting for it, thus creating a bad impression? Then you know how important it is to be organized and sometimes keeping all your folders in order takes time you have to allocate daily just for this task. Just imagine how different things could be if someone asked you for a file and you would say “you’ll have it in your e-mail in 5 minutes”.

Having your documents organized doesn’t help only you, but your employees and the people you work with. Each person involved in a project would have the possibility to check their progress and the status of the task they’re working on. Whenever you receive a file from an employee, a co-worker or a client, you might be tempted to put it away, thinking you’ll figure out later what to do with it, but that’s how things get lost. VENDOM Document Management System has multiple features which improve and streamline the work quality.

  • Avoid having unnecessary files. The documents are managed by discipline, project type and work package, which allows you to constant revise and control records and therefore not keeping outdated or unnecessary documents.
  • Having a consistent method of naming files and folders. VENDOM is designed to assign each document you import into a system in specific categories by company, job, user, discipline and file type. This system allows you to easily find each document, to see who created or modified it.
  • Related documents are stored in the same place. Once the VENDOM system is implemented, each time you import a new document you are asked to fill the required fields, and there is practically no possibility to store something in the wrong place. All you need to keep in mind is to import everything when you start working with the system.
  • Users have configured rights while operating in the system. The Global Admin is the user with complete access rights and that means this person is the only one who can manage all the settings and has access to each imported document. Files can be organized by type, meaning you can choose which ones are accessed by every user, or if they are accessed by selected users only.
  • Controlled workflow. When you exchange documents with several other partners such as clients, internal or subcontractors, you can be assured everyone receives the right documentation by configuring all the partners in a list, as well as a list of documents that will be sent. You can also define several groups for the system users by assigning them for each job.
  • Files are secured. Documents that have Progress History, or have attached files, can be deleted only by administrators. Administrators can also choose between complete deletion or keeping the file in the system, but marking it as not valid anymore.
  • Document check. You can easily send documentation to other users through a Transmittal and you can verify if it was received or not, and the recipients have the possibility to approve it or to comment on it directly in the system.

When having many people involved in a project, a proper documentation is mandatory, so using a safe, reliable and user friendly DMS is a must. Lantech-Soft created VENDOM after many years of experience and tests, in order to develop a fully integrated system for leading firms in the industry, making it one of the best one there is.