Eliminate these 4 issues with the help of Document Management

When papers are pilling up on each desk in your company, this becomes quickly a liability. You waste hours and hours trying to keep track on the work that’s already been done on a project, you can’t find important documents you need, you miss deadlines and sometimes this can lead even to legal issues.

Luckily, Document Management has been simplified over the last years because of efficient document management systems available on the market, which give you control over information and help you manage better your organization. By covering document scanning, file conversions, tracking, storage, editing and secure depositing, you’ll also save a lot on expenses with storage space.

Using a proper document management solution helps your business deal with 4 of the most common issues related to paper documents:

  1. Location,location,location. Paper documents are not always easy to locate whenever you need them. You don’t always have hours or even days at your disposal to sort through piles of documents to find whatever it is that you need at the moment. Especially when dealing with deadlines, every minute counts. Document Management Systems store electronic documents and copies of paper documents so that they can be indexed and easy to find by using various filters or searching through categories. It is also possible to check and consult previous versions of each document to see what progress was made.
  2. Using your staff’s time wisely. Your employees are able to do more important tasks than searching for documents, isn’t that so? The hours that add up at the end of each month in which they had to deal with pesky paperwork is costing you a lot of money. Document Management System boost productivity, by allowing employees to focus on their tasks and get more work done, especially when the system is integrated with other office applications. Progress is made faster and the quality of the work done is much higher.
  3. Storage space. Why should you rent larger offices to get more storage space? Electronic documents are eliminating the hassle of dealing with file cabinets or other storage facilities. And while on the subject, what about remote co-workers or business partners located somewhere else? It’s much easier to do collaboration work if everyone has access to all the documentation and information needed without having to search and then send documents back and forth.
  4. Security. Unfortunately, accidents happen. In case of a fire, a flood or simply if the documents get in the wrong hands, all your hard work will be lost and you have to start from scratch again. Good Document Management Systems not only store your files, they also provide different levels of access to specific documents and keep track of who’s viewed or edited them, making sure that confidential or sensitive information stays safe.

In a world that’s going paperless fast, now it’s high time to invest in a Document Management System that helps you deal with these issues and makes your life a lot easier. VENDOM Document Control System controls documents by type, discipline and work package and allows revision and full life-cycle history of each stored document. Workflow and collaboration is enabled for multi companies, users and contributors.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures.net