How can a project management software such as Lantech-Soft add value to your business

Choosing one of the best project management software is the premise for improving visibility and control over your projects and resources. Lantech-Soft is one of these powerful software companies that can increase business efficiency and effectiveness. Being specialized in project management software development, the company has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Unlike many  counter-productive tools existing on the project management soft market, Lantech-Soft offers solutions for the following departments:

- Document Management – VENDOM Document Control System

- Human Resource – WorkForce Schedule, enabling workload calculation and resource planning

- Time Management – ExTreM TimeSheet, time recording and control system

- Project Cost Control – ExTreM Expense Report

Which are the cases when Lantech-Soft can help a growing business?

1. Project Estimation is deficient. Long term project success is influenced by upfront planning and estimation. Still, many project managers tend to ignore the importance estimation process has to the business in general and to understanding a project impact on resource capability and its financial impact on the operating budgets in particular.
2. Resource Capability fails to analyze the impact of delivering projects and services in real time. Once Resource Capability is properly used, customer expectation is managed in a better way, business productivity is improved and the  overall costs are substantially reduced. WorkForce Schedule is a tool developed by Lantech-Soft that helps workload calculation and resource planning

3. The company doesn’t select the right projects. Project prioritization is one of the vital steps for a project management team in order to  maximize benefit while removing project failures. When the right projects are selected and prioritized, it is more likely to fructify your project investments.

4. Time management fails to plan projects in a clear and consistent manner. In order to reduce risks and to provide exact timings and decisions points which help ensure projects are delivered on-time and to budget. time management is crucial. Lantech-Soft  offers ExTreM TimeSheet, time recording and control system tool.

5. Reporting and Analytics are overwhelming tasks. Ending up using excel, which is highly prone to errors, is one of the most common scenarios for many businesses. Document management is another challenging task for many professionals. VENDOM Document Control System is a powerful tool to all those who are looking for an easy way to organize their business process. A project management soft such as that offered by Lantech-Soft will increase the visibility of project status and the overall productivity.

6. The cost control is not optimized. Gaining the feasibility of your project plans implies optimizing cost control. ExTreM Expense Report, a powerful project management software developed by Lantech-Soft, can help any business measure the performance and progress of any project. Creating project budgets directly from project plans or from your project estimates, improving sash flow and reduce billing errors and estimating future financial projections are another great ways to optimize cost control.

For all those cases, Lantech-Soft enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction and the number of projects which are delivered on time and to budget.