How much should you pay for software?

When it comes to the size of a company, software plays an important part. Smaller companies and start-ups don’t need very complex software and can rely mainly on free or very affordable programs or online sources, but with larger companies and corporations, it’s a whole new game.

Hundreds or thousands of employees are bringing along a new set of managing problems, structured by departments and projects. The main problem large companies have to deal with is having stacks and stacks of papers that need to be revised, archived, sent or maybe thrown away. Using just different folders on a computer will not suffice and document management solutions are a quick and viable option.

Many free document management solutions don’t provide enough support for your company’s needs. Especially when working with partners or clients from different cities or countries, most of the communication is made through e-mail. Therefore, having a document management system that allows the users to integrate their e-mail accounts, so that all documents are easy to import, transfer and send. E-mail attachments should also be downloaded directly into the system, so you’ll make sure you won’t lose or forget any important information needed for a certain project.

As we all know, documents come in all kinds of formats, so it’s important to use a document management system able to read at least the most common file formats (documents and images mainly).

Another issue that comes up when using free or low cost software is that usually there are all sorts of bugs and improvements made by the developer, which means having to do frequent upgrades. Upgrades are important for any software as long as it doesn’t happen on weekly or monthly basis, because it can be quite bothersome. Sophisticated and more expensive software has the major benefit of not having to constantly upgrade it once it’s properly configured. In many cases, the developer offers technical support and that means not having the hassle of using different specialists to help you with any issues you might encounter. Not to mention the fact that sometimes software developers are no longer working on a software and you find yourself in the situation of finding other alternatives and starting to organize all your data from the scratch.

Security and reliability are also very important. Companies shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility that their documents end up in the wrong hands, or that all of them are gone. This is something that not every software can guarantee, and just a few free solutions are able to provide that.

In conclusion, if your company wants the best software solutions, costs shouldn’t matter as long as you receive high quality products. Accounting software, document control systems, time management software or human resource planning software, just to name a few, play an important part in maximizing productivity.

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