How technology has changed project management forever

Project management and collaboration are nothing new, since everyone’s doing it for decades. However, these two aspects have undergone several changes, most of them due to the evolution of technology. Emails and shared folders on a PC are somewhere way back in the past, as the future of project management, collaboration and communication looks brighter and brighter.

Various software tools, applications and programs have become something common for any office, which project managers couldn’t even dare to dream about in the past. The first noticeable effects were increased efficiency and an overall better collaboration experience. Here are the main features that shape project management as we currently know it:

Proper backup. Technology makes it possible to back up all the important data at once, without having to rely on file cabinets, folders and storage units. Especially when it comes to documents, document management systems are the most efficient way to have all your important documents all in one place. You can choose from various document management systems available on the market, depending on your company’s needs and on the amount of files you have to deal with on a daily basis.

Better communication. Long gone is the era of meetings and working at the office only. Now, it’s easy to work from remote locations or even when you’re on the road and keeping in touch with the rest of your stuff, no matter where they’re located. Project management software tools enable collaborative work based on tasks and projects, so that each team member can track the progress made on a project in real time. Messaging, video calls, emails and other means of communication make it easier to prevent unnecessary work or understaffing.

Keeping up with deadlines. Due to the fact that all team members or all company employees have access to the information they need, deadlines are not an issue any more. Collaborative work also enables flexible schedules, so that even staff members that work from different parts of the world are able to set up a functional working schedule.

Expense control. In the past, budgets were mainly defined by Excel worksheets, but now it’s much easier to plan a budget and stay within the limits with the help of cost control software to track down all the payments, bills or overtime working hours that need to be paid.

Time management. One of the biggest problems in project management was time spent on a project or a task and finding the way to manage time more efficiently. If a tasks takes too long to be completed, you probably need more team members working on it or you need to assign it to more skilled members of your staff. Either way, it’s easy to remain focused and on schedule, using efficient time management software.

Each of those features is very important on their own, but a truly productive project management strategy needs to incorporate them all. Find the right tools and you job will become much easier, it’s as simple as that. It’s a shame not to take advantage on technology progresses made throughout the years, therefore project management software should be easy to use and accessible to all your employees in order to make your work more efficient and proactive.

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