How to become more likable at work

Not sure about the importance of being likable at work? Well, statistics show that likable people tend to receive more attention and more credibility in all fields, including at work. A likable person is more likely to be forgiven when making mistakes, but also to be more credible and to get more job offers than a person with a bad reputation. Building a good reputation at work is partly due to one’s charisma, but they are some simple strategies that can help anyone attain likability at work. Beside using the best project management software, developing human qualities is part of success at work. The good news is that likability doesn’t mean being the best-looking, the smartest, or the most outgoing person in the room. Here are seven strategies to become more likable at work:

1.      Say nice things about your co-workers and bosses.

Trying to denigrate your boss or a colleague will eventually rub off on you, since people tend to identify negative words with the person that speaks. Instead, try to say positive words, to emphasize the qualities of your co-workers and bosses and you will be surrounded by a good karma. Don’t underestimate the power of positive words!

2.      Be a better listener.

Selfishness is not something people appreciate at their co-workers. That is why one should focus on what really connects them to their colleagues. Being distracted or looking at the phone when others are speaking is not the way people like to be treated.

3.      Be authentic.

An authentic attitude creates positive vibrations and in general, likable people are comfortable being themselves, no matter if they are at work or anywhere else.  Trying to be someone different is not a good long-term strategy, as people will figure out that you are not authentic.

4.      Value relationships.

People who are continuously concern about their status and power are perceived by other people as less trustworthy and likable. Instead, people who focus on relationships are far more popular and are given more credit.

5.      Encourage conversation.

The ability to get others talking is in human nature. Being positive is the first step. Then, we have to be curious, to ask questions, and to listen to other people with real interest.  Genuine curiosity about what the others have to say is crucial for a good conversation.

6.      Share the honor.

Instead of being selfish and celebrate alone, likable people look for opportunities to share the spotlight with their co-workers, especially if they are involved in the project or use the same project management software.

7.      Don’t be afraid to look vulnerable.

Apart from sharing professional experience with others, it is a good strategy to tell your personal story to your co-workers. Even if you will look more vulnerable, this will create connections with other people and will make you look like a human being.