How to elaborate the perfect document management strategy for your business

The role of documents within an organization is continuously evolving and the management technology can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention the different politics of corporate culture involved in the process of document management. Therefore, establishing a document management strategy is both difficult and necessary at the same time.

Before creating a document management strategy suitable for your business, you should know there is no standard strategy, because you have to take into consideration various factors, depending on your company’s profile. However, there are some common characteristics of good document management strategies that should help you get started:

  1. Manageable and comprehensive – the strategy you elaborate should ensure the fact that nothing important is overlooked and at the same time manageable, meaning it shouldn’t be a difficult process that most likely will never get done.
  2. Following company goals – establish clear goals for the future of your company and you’ll be able to determine which path your document management strategy should follow: can you afford additional costs? Do you need to increase customer satisfaction? Does it serve your overall vision?
  3. Apply demonstrated measurements – make sure all the measurements you take following the document management strategy are improvements of your workflow, efficiency, costs and productivity of the company.
  4. Don’t forget about corporate culture  – internal politics, support from management or from the members board are factors that can easily get in the way of any document management strategy, no matter how good it is.
  5. Easy implementation – no one has time and money to spend experimenting with different strategies, so the one you choose should be easy to implement and to integrate with the IT solutions you already have in your company.

Now that you know the characteristic of a good document management strategy, the next step is to carefully asses your company in order to obtain the information you need further: where does you company stand now and where do you want it to go in the future.

  • First, you must truly understand your business needs, but also the constraints and the pressures that your company must manage and satisfy. This means you should have a clear view of your company’s performance, the expectations and requirements that the company has to live with each day.
  • Second, take a look at the objectives and strategies defined in your business plan. Both long-term objectives and short-term objectives, as the strategy behind the achievement of these objectives are very important.
  • Finally, you have to grasp the vision and the mission of your company: why does it exists? How is success defined for you? What makes you different from the rest?

Today’s businesses know that information is vital, it’s what gives you a real return of your investments in people, technology and facilities. Everyone wants to make profit out of their business, but we all know it’s not as easy as it sounds. A good document management strategy helps you find the proper alignment between information technology and document strategies. That is why by just having an IT department simply won’t suffice. There is a real gap between the advancement of technology and the efficiency of corporate documents. Data is just bits and bytes, isn’t it? But how do you convert data into valuable documents? You can do that only through proper storage, archiving and publishing, everything made through a secure and reliable software.

VENDOM Document Control System is the perfect software for any document management strategy because it tracks and stores electronic documents and images of paper documents, while covering the complete document life – cycle. It’s project-oriented, easy to integrate and to use, it offers high security levels and it’s one of the best solutions for multi companies and users by enabling collaboration.

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