How to find and keep the best talents in your company

Having the best talent in a company or corporation is what makes you stand out from the crowd, offering the best possible services or products. Many companies struggle with finding really talented people, mainly because those individuals are hunted for and have the possibility to choose where they want to work. Therefore, aside from the paycheck and a good position, you might want to consider what your company has to offer instead.

One of the things that people look for in a job, and that should be quite common but isn’t is respect. If you don’t value your employees, you don’t offer them the respect they deserve, you won’t find someone committed and eager to have a good performance at work. Talented employees should always know they are valued, not only financially through bonuses and other perks, but knowing they will be considered for promotions and that their opinions do matter when it comes to the important decisions.

Another way to benefit from your employees’ talents is to make use for them where they are needed. What’s the point of having an expert in design on board, if that person has to do all kinds of minor projects that even a beginner could handle? A truly talented person is not afraid of new challenges or complex projects and you should always assign important projects to your best people. That way, you are able to ensure productivity and work efficiency in your company.

Don’t forget about the emotional component. As much as one desires to be focused and always prepared at the job, sometimes personal problems do get in the way. If you want to make sure people will continue working for you, show the you care if critical events occur in their lives and allow them to take some time off or help them in any way you can (in case of hospital bills, for example).

But what if you simply don’t have enough talents in your company and you need to find more? Have you tried all the available options? For instance, don’t neglect social networks. Networks like LinkedIn or Glassdoor are a good liaison between candidates for a job and employers. You can see what skills people have, what their experience is, read presentations of some of their work and then set up an interview.

And when it comes to recruitment, a few words about the human resources department. Sadly, often those who are responsible with hiring new people are not prepared well enough. Invest in trainings and seminars suitable for this department, so your recruiters know exactly what you are looking for, what questions should they ask and what are the things they should pay attention of.

Basically, you should keep an eye on all sources of valuable candidates for the jobs you offer and make sure you are prepare to recruit the right people. When you find the best talents for your company, you should focus on maintaining them engaged and involved, because that is what networking is all about.

Throughout this process, you can make good use of reliable software, such as WorkForce Schedule to assign tasks according to your employees’ skills and ExTreM Time Sheet, to help you keep track and plan the time an employee spends on a project, the annual vacations and the overtime that should be compensated.