Human Resource management mistakes you should avoid

Human Resource managers have a lot on their plate when they have to coordinate a large number of employees, departments and. Regardless if a manager is handling human resources themselves of if he’s delegating tasks that need to be done, errors are bound to happen, especially when dealing with a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately, these mistakes can lead to bigger problems, such as litigations or employee replacement costs. Therefore, you should know what mistakes to avoid in order to spare the company from unnecessary expenses.

Don’t hire people you don’t really need. If you hire unnecessary staff, or if you don’t hire people suited for your company’s needs, this could be really costly. It’s important to track progress made on each to project, to see how your employees are handling deadlines and also to check what departments are overstaffed to redistribute employees an to hire additional ones only when it’s necessary.

Assign and redistribute wisely. If you want to make sure a project is completed on time and that your clients will be happy with the services you provide or with your products, you must always make sure you take maximum advantage of your employees’ skills you assign correctly tasks to the people who are most suited to complete them. The same goes for task redistribution. The best way to make sure you have eye on the talents in your company is to always follow the timeline of a project and to assess the results. That way, you’ll know exactly who your most productive employees are and how to use their valuable experience.

Document performance issues. Even if it means having to manage more documents, performance reviews help employees improve themselves and help you at the same time to know when additional training is required. And by analyzing work progress and performance evolution over time, you’ll know exactly if it’s the case to terminate certain employees based on their results.

Keep track of employment laws. There are many Human Resource management laws, that sometimes are overlooked, just because of human error. You could miss important things like overtime made by an employee, family leave or vacation time. Employee rights and benefits are not things to take lightly, as you could have a lawsuit on your hands sooner than you think.

Know exactly the time hours of your staff. Full-time or part-time employees are common in every company, but sometimes you need to outsource certain projects and work with collaborators. Keep track of the hours they work for your company, as collaborators are usually paid per hour or per project and don’t get a salary like normal employees.

WorkForce Schedule is a program used for Human Resource planning that can help you avoid all these mistakes. The software provides an integrated system for all employee scheduling , helps you anticipate workforce requirements and maximize employee utilization, ensures visibility of the workload on short, medium and long term and it’s highly reliable and easy to use. You can easily pull reports of the entire company’s activity and find out what your major issues are. With just this software, your Human Resource department will become much more efficient.

Photo credit:, user: geralt