Improving Human Resource planning through software

The Human Resource market is continuing to bloom over the last years, as so many companies are willing to make a change in this department. As a matter of fact, recent studies show that over half of the major companies are planning to make a new HR software purchase over the next year. This means we are dealing with a competitive and ever developing market and top software is what is going to make or break a HR department.

The main reasons for these changes are the following:

  1. The average HR software used by most companies is outdated, which means it doesn’t provide proper integration with the system used or it doesn’t offer features that are vital for HR planning.
  2. The user interface of some of the older software is not so user-friendly. Most HR managers complain about the fact that people are finding it difficult to use and don’t have the possibility to manage employee vacation, time sheets or the billing process is sometimes a real problem.
  3. Most companies are currently using 3-4 different software for their HR department needs: one for management, another one for recruiting and so on. It’s more efficient and convenient to choose a software solution that caters to all those needs, without having to use different applications.
  4. Talent analytics are high in demand, but not every software provides the possibility to analyze big data and to have all the information stored in one place to see exactly which department is productive, where more employees are needed or where there are too many.
  5. As the economy is recovering more and more in most countries, companies are willing to invest more in talents. In order to identify talents and to use them at their full value, internal employee communication, employee development and strategical recruiting are key-factors.

Implementing a software solution suitable for all of your company’s HR needs brings along a lot of benefits that make a big difference.

Automation of tasks is the first step in increasing efficiency, especially because companies require constant updates regarding the staff, their skills and qualifications, so that the right tasks are given to the right people. It’s important that all utilization of workers is maximized and this can be done only by implementing a centralized system.

Keeping up with the constant changes in workflow is also very important. Companies handel many projects, with different needs in terms of the number of employees and skills required. That’s why configurable HR planning software are able to predict all these requirements ahead and give managers enough time to properly prepare.

Some of the main features of any good HR software should include time sheet management, scheduling, the ability to track and analyze progress made, labor calculations, payroll and an overall centralization of information.

By using HR software, any company can achieve important objectives for it’s future development:

-          determination of the current and future supply of human resources

-          determination of the current and future demand of their human resources

-          analysis of the demand and supply portfolios

-          finding the appropriate plans to bridge the gap between supply and demand.

WorkForce Schedule is a HR planning software able to incorporate all these important features, it’s user-friendly and easy to integrate. WorkForce Schedule is reliable and employees need only minimal training before they are able to use it.

Photo:, user: geralt