Interactive documents and the role of document management systems in the future

Documents are key-elements for an organization’s success. Once we entered into the 21st century and technologies are constantly developing, it’s expected for documents to embrace new formats and to offer new communication possibilities. Therefore, the main question to be asked is how do documents impact private or public organizations?

A typical document becomes a complex composition with text and multimedia elements and that is found more and more rarer in a paper format. A document can be read, visualized or heard simultaneously using various office equipments. Using documents, it’s easy to make various transactions without having to rely on time or space.

Interactive documents

Documents help us more than ever to create new relationships, because we’re able to customize them according to our wishes. That’s when interactive documents come into play. Interactive documents make it easier to create diverse content, access and the way to send them, depending on their purpose.

Documents have the role of supporting collaboration and communication to increase efficiency and the rate of satisfaction in our work.

Document flow

Every organization defines a specific document flow, which has the goal of increasing the efficiency and quality of the company’s activity. Document flow needs to establish the ways to verify or modify, approve, control and publish documents, as well as the persons involved.

Paperless office

Technologies that allow us to manage and use documents without the necessity of having them in paper form, significantly increase the quantity of stored information, by even doubling it annually. There are no unique solutions for a paperless office, a concept that’s been around for decades, because each organization needs to find its own way of managing documents.

Digital documents have the following advantages:

-          more flexibility

-          the possibility to make notes from multiple locations, by various persons

-          remote access

-          easy backup

-          shared accessibility and document creation

-          environmental benefits.

Using digital documents doesn’t mean you have to necessary eliminate all paper documents, because you can still print out documents whenever it’s needed, but electronic files are much more safer and secure.

Document management systems

Document management systems are electronic systems that allow document circulation (for information, approvals or alterations), storing and tracking down documents in any type of formats, with the possibility to connect other software systems or electronic devices (scanners, printers etc)

Statistics show that, to close a transaction, there are twice as much documents needed as it was five years ago. Introducing a quality insurance system involves an impressive amount of documents which need to circulate for internal or external use.

Document management systems are used to transmit accurate information to the precise employees who need it, when they need it, ensuring the security of information and tracking at all times the stages of a project or of a certain task.

Main characteristics of a document management system:

-          An efficient document management system:

-          Implements rapidly document flow

-          Is flexible in any organizational structure

-          Has a high security level

-          Is easy to adapt to various documents types

-          Is easy to connect with other applications

-          It presents easy access

-          Is able to undergo future developments

The advantages of a document management system:

Unlike manual document management systems, electronic document systems

-          Store all information in one place

-          Allow quick access to documents

-          Offer information of different stages of projects

-          Track the necessary time to complete tasks and projects

-          Offer information on the number of documents used daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

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