Is Document Management attractive? It might be, if you consider the advantages!

The first thing you most likely thing about when you hear about the term “document management” is some old, heavy file cabinets filled with folders and papers scattered around in a so-called archiving systems that doesn’t actually work. And why is that? Because paper document are used by a more than just one employee, and not each person that returns a certain file is careful enough to have them organized properly.

Document Management deals mainly with information. Sharing information is what increases efficiency and communication among a business or organization. Having all the information stored properly and available at all times for those who need it, which helps saving time, money also turn your organization into a “green” one, because you will use less paper, prints and storage space.

Therefore, Document Management should clearly be something that’s discussed in a boardroom, because a reliable and secure Document Management solution is something that lays at the base of any successful business strategy.

Why it’s important to go green

Many managers fail to realize how important it is to reduce the amount of paper use in an average office, as long as this is an integrated element of a solid company organization strategy. Firstly, a lot of money is saved, because there’s no need no to have so many photocopiers, scanners and printers. At the first glance, it might not seem like such a big change, but companies spend a lot of money on these office machines and on supplies, but you can easily notice the difference in half year at least. Depending on the size of the company or organization, the ROI of a Document Management System is profitable after a year on the average.

Less paper also means less waste. Document Management Systems should be integrated while having the employees trained on how to decrease the amount of paper used, by having them consider simple concepts, like deciding if it’s really necessary to print out or copy a document. Print management can easily save up to hundreds of thousands of euro in a year.

Becoming a “green” organization makes you build stronger connections with other business partners that have a strong environmental policy. Therefore, your business will become more attractive for further partners and/or clients.

You can take your strategy a step further and implement the same cost-effective strategy when it comes to collaborative work, using voice conferences and mobile devices, which help your employees and co-workers exchange information much easier and in a more time efficient manner.

People are more important than papers

Switching the focus from paper documents to collaborative work through electronic files, the entire staff can come up with creative ideas, increasing productivity. It’s easier to establish new strategies and develop existing ones, due to the fact that information is much more easier to access.

If the employees have more time at hand, time that they would spend tracking down documents, they can focus more engaging clients or customers. The reports offer valuable insights that help them find vulnerable points, which can be corrected. Improved technologies also ensures better internal communication, which is the key-element for innovation.

Start from the top

This day and age, Document Management should be a standard practice for any company policies. Internal business processes run much smoother, improving the overall performance. It is safe to say, that if you want to remain one of the main competitor in your field, you have to keep up with change. Flexible working schemes and increased availability of data are a must, so automated processes should be something to consider for every company or organization, no matter the size.

Bottom line is, that if you haven’t already considered investing in a Document Management System, 2015 should definitely be the year when you change your game plan.