Lantech-Soft. Find better solutions for your business

The Context. The 21st century seems to be reigned by time fleeting, since more and more employees and managers confront overwhelming demands on their time. Still, there are only a few companies that are willing to invest in such an asset, as they prefer to invest their money in more traditional assets. Making the most of their time resources should be one of the main goals of today’s executives.

The company. The good news is that, even if your business isn’t projected to support the whole processes and infrastructure to make the most of time resources, Lantech-Soft is specialized in project management software development, having more than 20 years of experience in this field and thus it represents one of the best project management solutions existing on the market.

As a matter of fact, Lantech-Soft can help you maximize return and have better results and a healthier workplace culture. The company is a software publisher for Project Management software in the following departments:

  •  Document Management – VENDOM Document Control System
  •  Human Resource – WorkForce Schedule, enabling workload calculation and resource planning
  •  Time Management – ExTreM TimeSheet, time recording and control system
  •  Project Cost Control – ExTreM Expense Report

As a creative and effective software developer, Lantech-Soft uses the most modern and up to date development tools for client server: WEB, SQL, Database or Cloud.

The Benefits. All the software solutions delivered by Lantech-Soft have the advantage to rejuvenate a company’s capital investment strategies and to organize processes such as document management, human management activities, time tracking or cost controlling. The last 20 years we accumulated the necessary experience to deliver the best project management soft solutions for every business, independently of its field. Our powerful solutions will help your business in terms of driving profits up and/or costs down. A finely-tuned project management strategy should include all the above tools that help their employees and executives to attain their professional goals.  The solutions delivered by Lantech-Soft  include the following aspects:

  • Every level of the organization will benefit from easy access and a thorough understanding of costs, whenever the team level, the task level, the project level, the business unit level or/and the company level are involved.
  • Workload calculation and resource planning will be easier to attain for the human resources management team and both the employees and the executives will be easier to manage.
  • Time tracking will optimize processes, reduce risk, thwart competition, reduce costs, maximize return, and eventually increase profits.

Redefining and realigning a company’s strategy will boost its visibility, its credibility and its profits. Lantech-Soft has the solutions for every business, independently of its field and of its number of employees. The experience, the software products, the portfolio and mostly the team that makes all these possible are the warranties of success.