Prestigious companies that use Lantech – Soft’s software products

Over the years, the software products developed by Lantech – Soft have proved their efficiency and reliability being used by prestigious companies operating in different fields of the industry.

Therefore, we would like to explain how some of our clients have used our software products and how their business processes were improved.

VENDOM document management software

VENDOM is one of the most complex and reliable document management systems available on the market. It was designed to cater especially to engineering companies, operating in the oil and gas industry, but it’s also a very good software solution for companies and corporations that have to deal with a large volume of documents.

Viktovice Machinery Group, one of the most important Czech engineering groups, with a tradition of over 180 years in the industry is holding a strong position in selected segments of machinery production in the area of supplies for large investments assemblies.

The group incorporates approximately 30 companies, which is why it has to deal with a large volume of documents, especially since it disposes of know-how based on extensive research and development.

ERAS Inginerie is a multi-specialist engineering company dedicated to the process industry. It offers clients various services meant to improve the performance of their production sites and the management of their industrial investments, as well as feasibility of the projects until the commissioning of facilities.

Having clients from various countries and many projects on the roll, it’s easy to see why VENDOM was the preferred solution for their document management needs.

DEWCO International is another one of our clients, specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and assembly of compressors, pumps and other types of equipment for the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Being a major supplier on the market for European and other foreign companies, DEWCO has also considerably improved its services by using a reliable document management software.

SPG Engineering and Procuring is dealing with oil and gas engineering services and procurement for other companies who operate in the oil and gas industry. VENDOM being a document management system especially tailored for engineering companies and projects has certainly helped improve the efficiency of their services.

WorkForce Schedule Human Resource planning software

This software is a great help for most HR departments, as it plays an important part in the human resource planning process, for any company, regardless of its size.

Asides from ERAS and SPG, EKIUM Group is another corporation who took advantage of the many features and options provided by this software.

EKIUM operates in the chemicals industry, as well as in energy, heavy industry, nuclear engineering, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and intelligent transportation systems. Such a diverse corporation needs to have highly developed HR departments and a solid human resource planning strategy, which is why WorkForce Schedule was considered the best software solution.

ExTreM Time Sheet and Expense Report

It’s a reliable and easy-to-use cost control software, that can be used by any type of company.

Serimer, a company operating in the pipeline-welding field is successfully using ExTreM to manage and control company expenses and to track and analyze the workflow of their business processes.

Icare Group, a Swiss corporation specialized in procurement and oil and gas engineering is another one of our clients who integrated ExTreM with their previous system, in order to ensure cost control and efficiency throughout the entire corporation.

As you can see, many of our clients decided to opt for Lantech – Soft software products, due to the fact that the advantages of using our software solutions were easy recognizable even after a short period of time. Lantech – Soft software products are developed by a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and they’re designed to cater to every company’s particular needs.