Project management software – why using the right tools makes a big difference

Project management enables a careful and efficient planning of the activity of a company or organization, the designing of work procedures, automation and a general overview in real time of relevant information and accurate reports.

Project management software is not just an inflexible tool, outside the team, but rather an assistant that works closely with each individual in a group and contributes to the company’s productivity, along with individual discipline.

Managing projects and activities

Tracking projects should be an easy task. That’s why companies need a software that centralizes all information, electronic resources regarding projects and the according activities in one place, in data structures that are organized and easy to track down.

The access to a project’s resources must be a completely secure process, using authorizations available any time and any place. Each user should have access only to the resources that represent their interest.

Planning and supervising

Projects management software must provide useful tools that make the planning of a project an elementary task. The software should allow the division of budgets in subcategories and activities and work breakdown structure.

Detailed reports offer best control of a project’s schedule and the possibility to respect deadlines.

For a project to be successful, you will need to increase the awareness level of current projects. Consulting detailed reports regarding the status and the project progress allow you to take necessary measures at the right time.

Project patterns reduce planning costs by identifying project types and reusing partially or completely the detailed structure of activities.

Consulting logs history also reduces to a minimum time wasted with clarifying unpleasant situations that often occur within an organization, without leaving place for misinterpretations.

Assigning work and responsibility

Assigning responsibility might be the most difficult job that a manager has to do. Using software, this process is fast and modern, through an efficient system of assigning tasks to employees.

In order to make sure you assign the right tasks to the right people, you will need to have control. The best way to achieve control of all the processes that take place within an organization is to have the employees take responsibility for their work. This happens when project management software allows you to see at any time who is responsible for each activity related to a specific project, how long it takes to complete a task and what the costs are.

Managing the resources of an organization becomes simple once you know what resources are available, in terms of staff, time frames and projects, offering details for each employees regarding the tasks they’re involved in.

Workflow and automation

The best way to increase productivity is by implementing clear work procedures in a computerized environment. This is how you’ll increase productivity and reduce the necessary time to complete a project.

With the help of tasks lists, assigned to each employee, you will stop wasting time and you will be able to manage task assignments better.

A better control of the company’s activity and higher flexibility allow you to approach more complex projects or more projects at the same time.

Analysis and reports

The importance of reports is often underestimated. However, the lack of reports or low quality reports will lead to wrong strategic decisions and tactics, unnecessary work and missed opportunities. Therefore, good reports, with relevant information are essential.

The benefits of having a data base with the activities of each individual are huge. By having records of the company’s activity, the data base offers extremely relevant reports. The software provides the necessary information that helps you manage time and make budget estimations correctly.

You will also be able to increase customer satisfaction by offering them detailed reports of the activities performed for their projects and you will encourage work and the staff’s productivity by having accurate evaluations. And lastly, correct costs evaluations of projects allow you to estimate better future projects.

If you want to take project management to a whole new level within your company or organization, Lantech-Soft provides you with best software solutions, catering to your every needs. Document management, time management, human resource planning and cost control are the basic elements to improve your business and maintain a competitive edge in your field.

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