Smarter in meetings – tips to get the attitude

Meetings are great opportunities for professionals to collaborate effectively on  a daily basis, in order to find good systems for avoiding dropping balls during juggling. During a meeting, the people involved intuitively tend to think like project managers. For example, they try to figure out the estimated duration of a task, the steps involved, the problems that might occur and how they would preclude meeting those deadlines. Moreover, during a meeting, people become visionary. In their attempt to stay o track, they keep looking ahead to see what’s on deck. Working on the right attitude in order to seem smart during meetings is, as mean it may sound, in human nature. Even if you generally are a proactive professional, sometimes the next vacation or the last conversation with your friend might occupy your mind. Here are some tips everyone can follow when their mind is not focused on the meeting topics:

1. Drawing a Venn diagram is exactly the gesture that will make your colleagues confuse about what exactly the labels should be and how big the circles should be, etc. The point is once you grabbed the marker, you have completely got their attention, no matter how inaccurate the diagram is.

2. Translating percentage metrics into fractions is a simple way to impress your colleagues with your math skills. When someone says that 10% of the clients are satisfied with a product, quickly chime in with, “So about 1 in 10,” and make a note of it.

3. Suggesting everyone to take a step back is a great way to capture your colleagues attention. Then, chime in with “What problem are we really trying to solve?” and you got the attitude of a smart looking individual.

4. No matter how little you are interested in the meeting topic, nod continuously while pretending to take notes.

5. Asking the presenter to go back a slide will instantly make you  look like you are paying closer attention than everyone else in the meeting room is.

6. Making fun of yourself is a sign of a smart looking person. Self-deprecating humor is a feature people appreciate, that is why, if humor is your familiar territory, you should use it with any occasion.

7. Stepping out of the meeting room for an important phone call will make you appear as a busy person. Once a person has shown himself as a busy person, he instantly appears as worthy of your trust. Whenever someone wants a task to be completed, they ask a busy person. They assume he’s busy because he’s shown he can get stuff done.

Remember that following these simple steps can save you from seeming distracted during a meeting, but on a long term, only continuous involvement in company’s projects and an effective communication can build the career you dream of.