Speaking tips that will make you become more persuasive in meetings

Aiming to look smart in meetings is very common among professionals, even if they would never admit it. Acting like someone who can easily create human connection (even you are not) with the participants at the meeting is crucial because it defines a person who is able to break the invisible wall. From this point, everything you will have to say in the meeting will engage the audience in a positive way. Remember that speaking in meetings is similar to a public speaking game. That is why one should practice public speaking tactics in order to become a persuasive participant at the work meetings. Once the tactics are learned, these strategies, combined with a powerful project management software, can do a lot for the project in progress as well as for the leadership team.

1. Create from the first couple of minutes a human connection with the participants.

The reverence which is often associated with a formal meeting tends to create an invisible wall between participants. Once you are able to break the ice with an innocent joke for example, this will instantly make the other participants laugh appreciatively and become much more interested in what you have to say. People love to hear self-deprecating jokes, especially when the circumstances are a little bit formal. Such a joke will break the invisible wall and you will create a positive energy in the conference room.

2. Say something the participants are secretly thinking.

Learning dozens of public speaking tips doesn’t even compare to the ability to say something the participants are secretly thinking. The faster you say it, the better the results will be. This will instantly make you look smart and intuitive and your personality will shine through. And as for the leadership team, using the best project management software is vital, capturing the participants attention is just as important.

3. Using a list will save you from a chaotic discourse.

Once the information is better organized, the odds to be easier to absorb and thus easier to remember increase exponentially.  Instead of using grand concepts, try to use a list to better structure the information you want to share.

4. Even if the meeting is rather formal, try to be irreverent from time to time.

Remember that being irreverent is different from being disrespectful. The most likable people know when to be a little bit irreverent. This has the power to engage the participants and they will laugh appreciatively, as a sign that they like you. Mastering public speaking tactics along with a good project management soft are the key words for a good management strategy. These strategies will engage people to listen to what you have to say and to appreciate the ability to look human and persuasive.