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How to prevent project failure by using project management software

All the activities in an organization are carried out in general on operations and projects. Operations and projects have in common the fact that they are planned, executed, controlled and run by people, and they also support resource constraints. Operations are ongoing activities, carried repetitively. The difference they bring asides from projects is the kind

How to become more likable at work

Not sure about the importance of being likable at work? Well, statistics show that likable people tend to receive more attention and more credibility in all fields, including at work. A likable person is more likely to be forgiven when making mistakes, but also to be more credible and to get more job offers than

Management tips to avoid a fear-based workplace

In spite of all management strategies that tempt to foster communication, transparency and a collaborative atmosphere at work, the truth is that there are a lot of workplaces where fear seems to run the company. Once the crisis landed, the fear-based companies released fear in small doses and that unease trickles down to every worker. Combine