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The main benefits of Document Management software

When running a business, the core of each process that takes place in a business strategy is proper organization. A lack of organization can cause several serious problems regarding productivity and even important losses in revenues. Over the years, companies were used to having to deal with a massive amount of paperwork, needing employees relocated

Human Resources “dirty secrets” you don’t know of

Human Resources is the most controversial department in any company. Although it’s the “ground  0” of any good employee structure, Human Resources is a major source of conflicts, because any issues regarding productivity, project development and so on, all go back to Human Resources. Well, even in this field, there are some well-kept secrets that

How much should you pay for software?

When it comes to the size of a company, software plays an important part. Smaller companies and start-ups don’t need very complex software and can rely mainly on free or very affordable programs or online sources, but with larger companies and corporations, it’s a whole new game. Hundreds or thousands of employees are bringing along