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A short guide on document management for organizations

Document management is one of the oldest and most important content management disciplines. The need for proper document management emerged from the ever growing amount of hard copy documents that made it quite difficult to manage all the information which needed to be stored and retrieved for the most common processes within an organization. Learning

Why engineering companies need to use a Document Management System

For most engineering companies, a Document Management System still seems like a waste of money and time it take to implement it. The managers are mostly interested in the project development and the specific technical aspects of each project than in organizing documents. But there are some “rebels” among them who did implement a proper

Efficient Document Management with VENDOM

Have you ever wasted precious time searching for important documents through countless folders? Or did an important client request some documentation as soon as possible and you had to keep him waiting for it, thus creating a bad impression? Then you know how important it is to be organized and sometimes keeping all your folders