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Frequent errors made by companies when implementing a document management system

The “paperless office” is still a utopian concept for some companies. Even after four decades since Business Week launched this revolutionary idea, paper documents continue to “rule the world’. Reducing the number of piling files is still possible, if you make the right choices even when you first start scanning paper documents. The fact that

Why the Paperless Office Is Still a Misunderstood Concept

For small businesses and companies it’s not unusual to operate with paper documents, because they have a relatively small volume to handle and most basic programs or applications are enough. For larger companies, enterprises and multi-national corporations, which have to deal with a large amount of document, archiving, retrieving and storing paper documents becomes a

How to elaborate the perfect document management strategy for your business

The role of documents within an organization is continuously evolving and the management technology can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention the different politics of corporate culture involved in the process of document management. Therefore, establishing a document management strategy is both difficult and necessary at the same time. Before creating a document management strategy