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The benefits of using VENDOM for engineering companies in the oil & gas industry

Most engineering company have started to use a proper document management system only in the last couple of years, although the benefits of using such a software are more than enough to consider investing in dedicated software for document management. Especially when it comes to engineering companies operating in the oil and gas industry, it’s

Collaborative work and efficient work flow with VENDOM Document Management System

In the times we live, reducing costs and efficiency are goals pursued by any person involved in the business environment. A document management system can provide a great and efficient use of financial resources, time and space, but also an increase of customer care service. With justified costs and without too much training needed, a

How can a project management software such as Lantech-Soft add value to your business

Choosing one of the best project management software is the premise for improving visibility and control over your projects and resources. Lantech-Soft is one of these powerful software companies that can increase business efficiency and effectiveness. Being specialized in project management software development, the company has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Lantech-Soft. Find better solutions for your business

The Context. The 21st century seems to be reigned by time fleeting, since more and more employees and managers confront overwhelming demands on their time. Still, there are only a few companies that are willing to invest in such an asset, as they prefer to invest their money in more traditional assets. Making the most

Why document archiving is not the same as document management

In their efforts to manage documents effortlessly and therefore to save time and resources, many companies fail to implement document management systems that are effective and efficient over time. The mistake made by most companies is to using archiving systems, which are just not enough to when dealing with a large amount of documents and

Eliminate these 4 issues with the help of Document Management

When papers are pilling up on each desk in your company, this becomes quickly a liability. You waste hours and hours trying to keep track on the work that’s already been done on a project, you can’t find important documents you need, you miss deadlines and sometimes this can lead even to legal issues. Luckily,

How to elaborate the perfect document management strategy for your business

The role of documents within an organization is continuously evolving and the management technology can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention the different politics of corporate culture involved in the process of document management. Therefore, establishing a document management strategy is both difficult and necessary at the same time. Before creating a document management strategy

A short guide on document management for organizations

Document management is one of the oldest and most important content management disciplines. The need for proper document management emerged from the ever growing amount of hard copy documents that made it quite difficult to manage all the information which needed to be stored and retrieved for the most common processes within an organization. Learning

From print to digital – document management for engineering companies

Document management is not only the latest “trend” for larger companies, but also small businesses are implementing different solutions, having the advantage to start from scratch and developing their software options as their company is growing. For companies who are just now deciding to go paperless, the transitioning process is not an easy one, but

Differences between Document Management and Document Control

Having so many software solutions available on the market makes people see document management as an overall process for an efficient document organization and archiving. Nevertheless, document control and document management are two different processes and it’s vital for each company which decides to implement such a system to be aware of the difference when