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Leadership dilemma: acting like a boss or being a human leader?

Aiming to shift workplace culture defines a genuine leader, while acting like a boss is not necessarily a good strategy when it comes to earning people’s respect. Many leaders tend to change their attitude and to become more bossy instead of trying to earn people’s respect by being a true inspiration for them. A powerful

Speaking tips that will make you become more persuasive in meetings

Aiming to look smart in meetings is very common among professionals, even if they would never admit it. Acting like someone who can easily create human connection (even you are not) with the participants at the meeting is crucial because it defines a person who is able to break the invisible wall. From this point,

Tips to make the most of your talent at job

Worried about wasting your talent in the wrong company? The good news is that you are not the only one to face this situation. But this is not even a good news. The other news is that you can always find a better workplace. With so many jobs that could make the most of your

The top 5 qualities of women who have leadership roles in business

This Saturday, we’re celebrating the women in our life on International Women’s Day and therefore, we want to acknowledge women’s achievements in the tough business world. Even after all these decades of women involved in business, it is still an area where they have to constantly work hard and prove themselves among strong male leaders.