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Project Management Software

Project Management software decreases our work stack as well as enhance the Collaboration and Time Tracking among the group and customers. It makes your work, strain free and smooth. We need such a kind of online task administration, programming which disposes of our conditions upon other programming or apparatuses. For instance, to send record, we

How technology influences your business

It is a well-known fact that the main characteristic of 21th centrury is SPEED. People are interested in how to get the information faster. Technology has experienced an exponantial development and because of this the whole society is continuously progresing. But how technology era affects your bussines? What impact does it have on your company?

Why should you choose VENDOM document management system over anything else?

Over the last decades, document management systems have become an important part in any company or business, because they help business processes run smoothly by storing and indexing all the important documents used within an organization. From online document management solutions, to programs and custom software, this technology is here to stay and it will

The beginner’s guide to business software

Many people who hear about the term “business software” don’t realize that there is a big difference between software created for the typical user and software especially created for business purposes, such as software for companies, organizations or large corporations. Business software handles a larger data volume and it usually has higher security levels among

How can a project management software such as Lantech-Soft add value to your business

Choosing one of the best project management software is the premise for improving visibility and control over your projects and resources. Lantech-Soft is one of these powerful software companies that can increase business efficiency and effectiveness. Being specialized in project management software development, the company has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Leadership dilemma: acting like a boss or being a human leader?

Aiming to shift workplace culture defines a genuine leader, while acting like a boss is not necessarily a good strategy when it comes to earning people’s respect. Many leaders tend to change their attitude and to become more bossy instead of trying to earn people’s respect by being a true inspiration for them. A powerful

How to become more likable at work

Not sure about the importance of being likable at work? Well, statistics show that likable people tend to receive more attention and more credibility in all fields, including at work. A likable person is more likely to be forgiven when making mistakes, but also to be more credible and to get more job offers than

Speaking tips that will make you become more persuasive in meetings

Aiming to look smart in meetings is very common among professionals, even if they would never admit it. Acting like someone who can easily create human connection (even you are not) with the participants at the meeting is crucial because it defines a person who is able to break the invisible wall. From this point,

Smarter in meetings – tips to get the attitude

Meetings are great opportunities for professionals to collaborate effectively on  a daily basis, in order to find good systems for avoiding dropping balls during juggling. During a meeting, the people involved intuitively tend to think like project managers. For example, they try to figure out the estimated duration of a task, the steps involved, the

How technology has changed project management forever

Project management and collaboration are nothing new, since everyone’s doing it for decades. However, these two aspects have undergone several changes, most of them due to the evolution of technology. Emails and shared folders on a PC are somewhere way back in the past, as the future of project management, collaboration and communication looks brighter