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How to survive a job loss. Tips to relaunch your career

One of the worse case scenarios of most people is losing their jobs.  No matter if it is their fault or not, dealing with a job loss or career setback is more about the emotional, social and financial stress that comes after. Let’s suppose the employment period is terminated and the whole myriad of emotions

Why engineering companies need to use a Document Management System

For most engineering companies, a Document Management System still seems like a waste of money and time it take to implement it. The managers are mostly interested in the project development and the specific technical aspects of each project than in organizing documents. But there are some “rebels” among them who did implement a proper

How to boost your company’s productivity with the help of ExTreM Time Sheet

One of the most used sayings in business, and not only, is “time is money”. That might be true, but in order to organize time wisely, you have to know exactly how you spend it and for which aspects you need to allocate more or less time. The larger a company or a corporation is,

Human Resources planning in 7 easy steps using WorkForce Schedule

Human Resources is an important component of any company’s activity. Only through carefully planning, employees are directed on tasks matching their respective abilities, maximizing workforce efficiency. Every HR specialist knows planning is the key to a productive workflow, so here are the basic steps to follow and how to do this using WorkForce Schedule software.