The benefits of using VENDOM for engineering companies in the oil & gas industry

Most engineering company have started to use a proper document management system only in the last couple of years, although the benefits of using such a software are more than enough to consider investing in dedicated software for document management.

Especially when it comes to engineering companies operating in the oil and gas industry, it’s vital to have everything organized, as they have to deal with complex projects, often being larger companies and corporations. Because of the high amount of business processes, all these company also have to manage a large volume of paper and digital documents.

The oil and gas industry is very diverse, summing up companies specialized in extractions and oil processing, but there are also companies who operate in adjacent field such as supplying solutions, services and equipments for oil and gas processing.

Here are some of the most important benefits of using document management software like VENDOM for engineering companies in the oil and gas industry: 

Increased efficiency and productivity

All employees, co-workers and remote employees have access to all the files stored in the system. It is thus possible to follow the entire project activity, as well as any modifications that might occur during various stages of the project. Therefore, a document management software allows users to keep track of the complete life cycle of a document, from the moment it was created, until the document is exported and eventually removed from the system. This saves a lot of time spent to search for a specific information and it also allows project managers to evaluate the project progress in various stages. Companies who work with hundreds or thousands of employees and cater to dozens of clients know how important it is to maintain a proper document organization.

Functionality and security of documents

All the files are protected from external factors, but it is also possible to categorize files by levels of confidentiality for each company or client. This means that the employees have access to only a certain area and this applies to documents as well. This feature is very important because stored documents also contain revisions, important dates, descriptions and attachments, a knowledge base that need to be protected.  It is equally important to restrict users from accidentally deleting or overwriting files, or to import them into wrong categories. With just a basic set up process, VENDOM enables the configuration of security levels and permissions to help secure files.

Protected database

In connection with the security of documents, VENDOM is using a centralized database that is accessible only through the software’s interface. Users who search for documents those who or read them don’t have the right to modify or to remove them, unless they were not previously assigned to do that. It is also possible to revise older versions of the documents, a helpful feature to revise the project progress.

VENDOM Document Management software offers solutions for most document management issues you have to deal with in engineering projects, especially in the oil and gas industry. VENDOM is project-oriented, designed for multi companies and users, working with high-level access rights and easy to integrate with other systems.