The best features of a Document Control System

For many of us, document management is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Everything is marked as important, there are deadlines to meet, tasks to complete and projects to update, so it’s no wonder one can become easily overwhelmed by the multitude of papers.

Years ago, companies had to deal only with paper and digital documents, but now it’s important to manage and control all information exchanged between co-workers and collaborators. Everything needs to be in one place, easy to access by anyone, but secure at the same tame. Effective document management has become one of the top priorities for large companies and corporations. Of course there are plenty of free tools available, but more sophisticated and secure document management tools fit better to the needs of such companies. Document Management Systems and Document Control Systems offer integrated features for searching, comparison, collaboration and document versioning, but provide extra-features such as summary information about the documents, and you can easily who modified something and when. The data collected helps you do a proper analysis of your work to improve efficiency and gain effective results.

A company that has to manage literally thousands of documents benefits form the use of a DMS because documents are using a standardized convention for the entire company for naming and storing them, making them easy to find by name, project or date when it was created. This will allow you to search not only the name of the document, but also the entire content, finding what you need in your entire network, just like an Internet search engine would do.

Privacy and security are very important at any level of business, therefore the document creator should be able to define which users are allowed to read, edit, modify or delete his work. There is also no need to worry about editing, as a DMS will tell you immediately if someone is already working on the document, the purpose of the revision and the time it was made. Comparison is a very useful tool for work revision, as you can see what was done throughout the project development, who did what and when everything was ready, allowing you to become much more efficient when you set deadlines with your clients.

One of the most important features of a good DMS is to be easily integrated with email platforms, so the users are able to switch files back and forth, download attachments and store them where needed and keeping track of the feedback you receive, making good use of important information.Reliability is also crucial for any document management system, providing backup, archiving and even disaster recovery for safeguarding your work at all times.

What’s left is to decide if you are willing to be content with a basic tool for document management, or if you want to make sure all those papers and documents scattered through your office are put to good use. Only those who don’t work in large companies don’t know how important it is to keep track of all the stages of a project, because it’s the most efficient way to allocate human resources or founds where needed and lower costs where there is excess or there’s not enough productivity.

VENDOM is a Document Control System that has all those features and so many more, being tailored to the engineering industry and offering one of the best document management solutions for large companies and corporations.