The golden rule of a Human Resource department set up

Each organization, no matter how big or small, has a Human Resource department. Unfortunately, in the last years, industry experts all agree that there’s a shortage of professionals to manage those departments on one hand, and a lack of technologies and software necessary to coordinate and analyze the overall performance. If you want to set up a competitive Human Resource department, you must start with a solid foundation: someone who’s prepared and experienced enough to take the role of a leader.

There’s a common misconception that leaders are supposed to be just at the top of the company hierarchy, but in fact, leaders are everywhere, you just have to find them and offer them a position in which their talents are well put to use.

The qualities of a good Human Resource leader are slightly different from the ones you might expect to find in a good manager, for example.

  1. Expertise. You can’t aspect just any member of your team to have the knowledge, skills and ability to fill the shoes of a leader. Only after working successfully in the human resources industry, a person is qualified enough to know the best practices and procedures. Someone who has enough experience is also more credible than a person who just started working in the field.
  2. Focus. A good leader is one that knows what your company’s goals are and who prioritizes accordingly. It takes a clear and focused mind to know how to improve performance and productivity, how to motivate the staff, attract new talents and find new opportunities to help your company grow.
  3. Communication skills. This skills can’t be emphasized enough, not just in human resources, but in any department. It’s important for the employees to know what is expected from them and someone who has excellent communication skills is able to achieve the desired response from them. If you’re leading a team, you need to be firm and approachable at the same time, to run a tight ship, but to be there if someone need help with a project and offer assistance.
  4. Ethics. A team is only as good as its leader. Of the leader has some principles and guidelines in the way they’re doing business, these traits will be passed on to employees too. A leader should handle things the way they expect from other team members, gain the staff’s confidence and know to draw a line between situations that create a liability for the company and employee confidences.
  5. Negotiating skills. In business world, everything is like a giant market place: everything is negotiable, that’s why it’s so important for any one to master a set of negotiating skills. A Human Resource leader is the liaison between management and employees, so they should know how to handle any situation, so that everyone walks away satisfied. Sometimes, an excellent leader avoids unnecessary work conflicts that could escalate into something much bigger than expected.
  6. Gray shades. There are a lot of grey shades in this department, therefore a leader is supposed to know which situations are best handled in-house, or when to seek for professional help, like a lawyer for example, in cases of discrimination, harassment and so on.

As you can see, finding a leader for a Human Resource department is not something that should be taken lightly, but it should be a process regarded with responsibility.

Not only the person in charge is the most important, but also the tool you use if you want to run a successful Human Resource department. WorkForce Schedule is one of the best software available for human resources planning and workload calculation. Keep track of everything each employee is  working on and make the best decisions in order to improve productivity in your company.

Photo:, user: geralt