The importance of time management and expense control in a company

There are so many components of what makes a company successful or not, that sometimes it can’t be helped but to overlook important factors such as time management and expense control.

Time management is so important in any organization for many reasons. For starters, time is obviously limited and therefore, you have to make sure you make the best out of your working hours, and this means keeping track on how much time is needed to complete a project, a job or a certain task, in order to not miss any deadlines. By taking control of time, a person is able to focus more on a task at hand, and this leads to higher efficiency with less efforts.

Having enough employees to work on a project, in a reasonable timeframe, there is far more less pressure involved, and the risks of errors or bad decision making are considerably lower. Taking into considerations all the factors above, time management is one of the keys to success. Not only that, but an efficient time management strategy, ensures the increasing quality of the work done by employees, because it enables them to learn more and gain more experience with each completed project or each fullfiled task.

Less pressure also means less stress, one of the main health issues for people who are working in corporations and large companies. A good time management strategy makes it much easier to do high quality work and it also helps employees to create a disciplined daily schedule.

Any successful time management strategy should focus on 3 important aspects:

  1. Not everything must be done perfect. It’s more important to focus on critical tasks than to lose time on minor details.
  2. Sometimes it’s good to say “no”. If you don’t have the technical or human resources necessary at hand to complete a project, its better to admit it. Your business partners will be grateful that you didn’t waste their time by not being able to deliver as promised.
  3. It’s all about prioritizing. Keep track of the progress done on a project, to see whether additional staff is needed in a department or to find out where progress is being made quicker, to relocate the employees to new tasks.

It might seem like a tough job to be done, but luckily there is a solution to stay on top of things and to manage efficiently every working hour of your employees. ExTreM Time Sheet, for example, is a software easy to use and easy to implement, which offers a deep insight on time spent by each employee within a company, it calculates productivity, workload and it provides summary and detailed reports with unlimited filtering options for viewing and analyzing data.

Another key – aspect in any company is expense control. Did it ever occur that you were surprised by the cash flow numbers or you had to deal with profitability problems? Well, it happens quite often to business managers that they lack the time or the means to track expenses closely or to manage profits in a challenging and competitive marketplace. Therefore, implementing an expense control software makes it easier to enforce budgets and to reduce unnecessary expenses, all in less time. Expenses directly impact profit margins and the choices a company makes when it comes to buying, selling or the ways to market products or services. Expense management helps improve cash flow and creates additional working capital.

It’s easy to gain control over most of your company’s expenses, by simply automating expense control, with the help of a reliable software such as ExTreM Expense Report. It will not only be easier to create and approve expense reports, but the visibility will very much improve. You’ll know exactly who is spending what, when and under what conditions. Processes made on paper make it more difficult to enforce spending policies created by a company and to ensure that only the approved persons are reviewing and approving expense reports, invoices and purchase requests.

In conclusion, if you are able to automate as many processes as possible within your company, you’ll be much more efficient, you’ll ensure high quality services for your clients and you’ll also save important sums of money.

Photo:, user: AlexanderStein