The main benefits of Document Management software

When running a business, the core of each process that takes place in a business strategy is proper organization. A lack of organization can cause several serious problems regarding productivity and even important losses in revenues. Over the years, companies were used to having to deal with a massive amount of paperwork, needing employees relocated just for this task and even special storage space. Luckily, this is not a problem anymore, since Document Management software is used on a large scale, especially since almost all systems are easily integrated in the existent infrastructure of the company.

If you’re still wondering how a company can benefit from implementing a Document Management software, you should probably start with being on the lookout for a system that suits your needs and is a good investment at the same time. One of the most important aspects to be taken into consideration is a user-friendly software, which can be used by all employees in a company with very low training (if any), because it’s important not to waste any more time while people learn how to use the software.

Scanning is the main obstacle companies have to deal with when converting paper documents into digital, because there’s the fear of how many file formats a Document Management system is able to support, without the need of extra-programs and applications. Being able to scan hard-copy documents and storing them as electronic documents makes your work a lot easier, since the system is able to store, index and archive most commonly used file formats, such as PDF, CAD files (for projects) or images. If you make sure to choose a system able to support all that, then this is the first step to organize documents properly.

A good Document Management System is one that easily allows you to scan quick and easy, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to archive documents and have them all organized in one place.

Simple things always work best. The last thing you need is a Document Management system that no one knows how to operate. Sure, you can have trainings with your employees, but it takes time for them to adjust and learn how to use complicated software. Instead, even a complex system that is intuitive and user-friendly is the best solution. The most important feature is the possibility to look for documents, using only keywords or phrases and the importing process should be automatic so that no one can import a file into the system, without filling out the required categories for projects, types of files and people who created and/or edited the document. That way, there is no risk of adding a document without being able to retrieve it easily for future use.

Editing is also very important, since one of the main reasons to integrate a Document Management software in to the company’s structure, is to enable collaboration work, facilitating communication and real-time reporting between different departments or even companies. The Document Management software you should be looking for is one that archives different versions of a document and stores exactly who and when edited it, showing exactly what changes were made. It saves a lot of time for your employees and it’s also very useful, because you don’t have to “guess” which document version is the most recent one or which version is the one you need.

As you can see, if a Document management system is able to do at least all this, then you have a truly invaluable business tool, which makes it a good investment on the long term. You’d be saving a lot of time and money and the company’s productivity will be boosted for sure.

VENDOM is a complex Document Control System able to offer all these features and even more, while being user-friendly and easy to integrate with the existing structure of a company. If you would like to know more about VENDOM, or to receive an offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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