The most important advantages of ExTreM cost control and time sheet software

   In any company or business, regardless how small or large, there comes a time when investments in advanced software must be on the list of priorities. In addition to human resources, that undeniably has a great importance, everything from logistics and organizational issues can be coordinated through software that meets the requirements of each business or industry individually.

   Therefore, ExTrem software is meant to cover several components of a company, totaling controlling costs and expenses, and working time.

The advantages of using ExTreM software within a company:

Costs and expenses process automation

The software is able to distribute data among several accounts, working with the existing accounting system, to build account numbers (as defined in the configuration), to make reimbursements via electronic bank transfer, to index taken and reported advances and to send notifications to the respective employees. All these processes are made automatic, without having to introduce data manually, which makes cuts down the staff necessary to operate the software.

Filing and storage of all transactions

Each company has several transactions on daily basis, depending on the volume, as large companies have to deal with dozens of hundreds of transactions on daily basis, from payments, acquisitions and salaries, to deducted company expenses, extra working hours and more. ExTreM files and stores all these transactions, making them available for reports, analysis and budget planning. These transactions include paid expenses of the company and employees, reimbursements, advances, vendor bills and cash movements.

Work time tracking and analysis

The Time Sheet feature of ExTreM tracks working time by company, department, employee and project, providing valuable information about all the work that is performed within a company. This feature is very useful for human resource planning processes, because you can easily recognize if a department is overstaffed or understaffed and you can redistribute your employees. This also allows for more effective workload calculation, because it’s easier to avoid overtime and therefore cut down on employees payments.

The software is also able to calculate billing ratio, overheard ratio, productivity and workload by department or by company (depending on the predefined user configuration).

Easy to integrate, scalable and user-friendly

Last but not least, you want your software to be easy to integrate with the existing system configuration. ExTreM software is compatible with most Windows applications, which is why it needs a very short implementation cycle. It’s also easy to integrate with the company’s financial and payroll system, while providing a high security level, as it works with electronic approval of managers.

The same software can be used for small companies, as well for larger companies or corporation, because it is scalable and it allows handling a large number of data.

 ExTreM is also very user-friendly as it requires little to no user training and it’s easy accessible by remote users. The software uses an open architecture, working with clients on servers from Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Web, CITRIX, RDS and Cloud.

These are the main advantages of using ExTreM cost control and time sheet, but this software has a lot to offer for other company processes as well. You can use it with the payroll systems, for human resource planning, to measure productivity and efficiency within your company and to plan the budgets for various departments or projects.