The to-do list, a boost of productivity, or a contemporary form of torture?

Worried about not accomplishing all the tasks you’ve planned to do on an average workday? Most of the professionals are confronted with this problem. According to a Linkedln survey, 89% of people admit that they don’t succeed to accomplish their daily tasks. Once your daily goals are written down may not actually be a good strategy, as it may turn into a never-ending to do list and the level of frustration will increase exponentially. As a matter of fact, expecting to complete everything on the to do list is nothing but a source of frustration. In order to stop struggling with a never-ending to do list, here are some strategies that will save you a lot of time and energy and will lead to professional success.

Choose your priorities

A to do list crammed with a lot of daily tasks can be overwhelming. A great strategy is to stick to a maximum 3 items on your list. Building a long to do list is a contemporary form of torture. Too many items crammed on a list will make you then feel bad about never getting to everything on your list. It is a sure way to setting yourself up to fail. It is important to break this poisonous habit, because the effect is a total waste of energy b, whenever you think about a task on your to do list that hasn’t been accomplished. Cramming more and more task to a to-do list can be avoided by  using a single sticky note per day. A short list is more likely to be accomplished in comparison with one that is piled on with a lot of extra tasks. A good strategy is to order the daily to-do list  by deadline,  with the most pressing items first.

Create a to-do list that works for you

When it comes to formats, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Build a to-do list base on your format preferences. Maybe you like the physical act of handwriting your to do list or maybe a   digital to-do list would suit you better.

Keep it simple and stick to your goals

In order to feel a sense of accomplishment , cross the items on your to do list, once you’ve completed the task. This simple strategy will boost your self esteem and, on the other side, it will help you keep track of what you’ve accomplished on a daily basis. What really matters is not the list itself, but the things you’ve accomplished. This will help you go to the next milestone.  Whatever the format you choose, a Post-it note, an Evernote file or a legal pad, don’t forget that using the approach gets you to those milestones. Create your To Do list the night before. In order to start your day with clarity, write down your to do list the night before to know which item you need to accomplish the next morning. Focus on the biggest, most important task on your list and try to complete it before moving on to anything else. Once the  most high level thing on the list is completed, you can then start checking your email or responding to phone calls or other requests. These simple strategies will help you create a powerful daily to do list and increase your productivity while decreasing the level of frustration.