The top 5 qualities of women who have leadership roles in business

This Saturday, we’re celebrating the women in our life on International Women’s Day and therefore, we want to acknowledge women’s achievements in the tough business world. Even after all these decades of women involved in business, it is still an area where they have to constantly work hard and prove themselves among strong male leaders.

This year, the editors from Forbes have released the list of the world’s billionaires and the first woman on the list is only at the 9th place. Nevertheless, at least there is a woman in the top 10. Although these things are never stated, many companies still avoid having women in leadership positions, but there are many  aspects in which women tend to have better results.

  1. Women don’t use self-promotion. It turns out women are not that career-driven like their male colleagues and they don’t focus so much on building work relationships. Instead, they are more likely to simply do the best possible job and that is something that involuntarily comes to their advantage because their hard work is being noticed by their superiors.
  2. Women don’t make decisions based on gender. Unfortunately, older executives still promote men over women, while women who have the same position in a company base their decision solely on results, disregarding the gender or the age of the employees.
  3. Women take initiative. Although they are not perceived as being “tough” enough because women tend to overthink decisions, they are more willing to initiate different strategies, campaigns or ideas because they are certain of the course of action they want to take. Or is it just a coincidence the fact that Iceland has dispatched a team composed largely of women to clean up after the economic collapse or were they thinking that women being more prudent when making decision could actually be a big help?
  4. Companies with more women in leadership positions are making better profit. It’s not about the eternal “battle of the sexes”, we just have to admit men and women are different in so many ways, but that is why they complement each other so well. Even when it comes to the work environment, male and female employees have different strengths and skills, which combined can only lead to good results and obviously to making profit, because after all this is the end goal of every company.
  5. Women are more vigilant. Their prudent nature comes to play when they are part of the board, making them carefully analyze and question everything. This isn’t something the employees are necessarily looking forward to, but in long term it is the best managing strategy. Women tend to notice every little thing and this can sometimes be a real advantage because they get the job done the best they can.

The conclusion is gender diversity in a company shouldn’t be something presented only on paper, but it should become very common. Luckily, the latest reports show the huge progress women have made in the business world when it comes to leadership positions. Harvey Wagner, a business professor at the University of North Carolina said it best a few years ago: “If you take a company and it has no women on its board, you’ve got a troubled company”.