VENDOM – the best document management software for engineering companies

In today’s business world, it’s important to keep up with technological innovation that help you improve productivity and make the best cost/results ratio in terms of human and financial resources. Therefore, document management plays one of the most important parts in the development of any company, no matter how small or large. Electronic documents are now much safer to store, due to reliable software solutions on the market. It’s quite easy to get started, if you follow some simple rules to store your documents.

  1. Choose the best document management solutions, according to your business goals. Instead of reorganizing your business in order to fit to a document management solution, go with systems that are able to support your needs. You need to know exactly how much your business will grow, or if you already have a large company, the number of users and implicitly the number of documents that need to be stored makes it necessary to use a more complex and reliable software. That is why Lantech-Soft developed VENDOM, a document control system fitted for engineering companies, in the gas and oil industry. This software enables users to work on specific engineering projects, which are categorized by various requirements. Also, it’s important to keep in mind the way your document management system can be integrated with your IT infrastructure.
  2. Store your documents in detail. Each hard copy should turn into a digital file, which implies that the document management system of your choice should be able to index documents using not only the file name, but the entire content, making it easy to search for specific keywords. This will help you retrieve any information you might need related to a certain project, including the persons who are working on it.
  3. Secure access. Confidentiality and safe access are crucial for any company, so you should choose a document management system that has secure sharing and restricted access features. A secure document repository should use authentication and password protection, as well as different levels of access for users. You should also be able to control who has access to the documents, keep track on who has viewed them or edited them and also see all the changes that were made to an original document.
  4. Workflow optimization. One of the most important benefits of electronic document management systems is that business efficiency is very much improved. By making the documents easy to be found and storing them all in one place, it takes the employees much less time to search for certain information, which makes their job easier and increases productivity. Notifications and automated tasks minimize any unwanted breaks in the workflow procedures.
  5. Complete document life cycle. According to your business requirements, you should be able to manage document life cycle, meaning the amount of time you need to have your documents stored and when it’s safe to delete them. The best way is to have documents categorized by the following criteria: active documents, archived documents and disposable documents.

Now that you have the basics covered, here’s why VENDOM  is one of the best document management software available on the market for your business:

  • VENDOM is easy to use and to integrate with your operating system. The software is easy to access, you only need a password and an ID.
  • VENDOM is easy to implement and will adjust to your company’s needs, meaning you won’t have to buy another document management system if your business is growing, or if other changes will take place.
  • You won’t need to do constant updates, like in the case of open source software or other system that have a lot of different versions. This will reduce the maintenance costs and the hassle of having to make frequent updates.
  • Enables collaborations. It’s easy to create tasks and to collaborate with external partners, even on international basis. VENDOM enables saving of different versions of documents and it’s easy to check who edited them and when. Also, e-mail integration is available, and you can easily send documents back and forth , download and save e-mail attachments directly into the system.
  • VENDOM is safe and reliable. It provides the possibility to configure permission settings, in order to assign to each employee or work partner which documents the person is able to view or to edit.
  • Access from any location. The documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world through LAN, web, VPN and CITRIX access.
  • Supports the most used file formats. VENDOM integrates with all Microsoft Windows applications, such as Office, CAD models and drawings, images, scans of papers documents, PDF files and e-mail attachments.
  • VENDOM is flexible and adapts to your company’s needs. You can manage not only documents, but also projects, jobs, contacts or clients. Any object stored in the document control system can be tracked, including industry specific ones. Automatic progress calculations is an important feature for engineering companies, as the possibility to link to your project planning via work package data.

If you want to improve your company’s productivity, increase efficiency and optimize your workflow, contact us for more details on how to integrate VENDOM document control system in order to cater to your company needs.

Photo source:, user: Alexander Stein